Atalier Nord



The theme of the workshop was interactive textiles, soft circuits and alternative energy. We used different kinds of textile conductive techniques, solar cells and Arduino Lilypads. The workshop included an individual introduction to conductive materials, Lilypad and programming that made it possible for the participants to end up with a group project that was an environmental statement and an alternative use of solar cells, LEDs, sound and movements.

We worked from the point of view that what-you-se-is-what-you-get in the sense that electronics and circuits are not hidden but becomes a crucial part of the expression and aesthetic. There has always been some kind of alienation in the relation between man and technology – on the other hand are textiles the most integrated material in our everyday life. Textile is the material that we have closest and most intimate relation with from birth where it comes right after the loving touch of our mother until we in death get dressed in our most representable clothes. Interesting here is what kind of consequences it has when the alien technology gets integrated with the well-known and confidential textile. Our everyday use of textiles combined with our everyday need for electronic devices to guide and amuse us was theoretically as well as practically the essential focal point of the workshop.