Bus Shelter II – Proposal

For the sake of creating a poetic space in an every day setting, we decided to implement a watchtower on the upper level of the bus shelter. This upper level thereby offers a moment of escape from the constraints of the time schedule that might be experienced just below. The landscape that meets the eye in the upper level gets framed by an architectonic outline similar to the frame of a painting. Moreover, the picture is fragmented into smaller areas trough the application of a puzzle – like inlay of Smart glass sheets.

Smart glass elements have all the ability to evolve and change smoothly and gradually from a state of transparency to at state of opacity. The process is digitally controlled and connected to the behaviour of the user on the upper level who is monitored trough sensor technology. The movements of the user define a complex set of rules for the behaviour of each smart glass surface. The landscape tableau will thereby perform a kaleidoskop-like choreography in close symbiosis with the vista of the day. Trough this process of ‘esthetisation of the banal and the everyday’, our project offers a daily fresh and inspiring relation to a familiar landscape.

The watchtower, designed as a visual apparatus that deconstructs and recomposes the image of nature in real-time can also be seen as a digital age reinterpratation of Alberti’s renaissance painting device, developed to apprehend nature trough the matrix of an analytic ‘window-frame’.



Majdi Faleh