Cafe Pantopia



Pantopia, translates to ‘the common place’ – the essence of our project with the goal of being a common meeting-place that traverses the vast distances of the North Atlantic Ocean. Pantopia has entrances in Nuuk, Reykjavík, Tórshavn and Copenhagen. In July 2011 Cafe Pantopia was realised as a functional prototype, where two 20′ containers were rebuilt into two identical but mirrored cafes. One cafe was placed in Torshavn, Faroe Islands and the other in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through 3 days of celebrating the Faroese national holiday Olavsøka the cafe was open and communicating between the two places live. Diffus Design made the design for the two container cafes and took part in the celebration.



The central concept behind Cafe Pantopia is to create a common meeting-place for people associated with the North Atlantic countries, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark.

Café Pantopia will facilitate processes that will enable the creation, maintenance and reestablishment of human relations where physical contact is rare. Technological advancements such as; E-mail, instant messaging and mobile phones already support contacts across the Atlantic, however this excludes the change encounter with a friend, and also seeing and being seen – the essence of going out on a cafe. Cafe Pantopia enables both the ‘nearness despite the distance’ as well as the intimate and casual encounters of urban life.



A large amount of Faroese, Greenlanders and Icelanders settle in Denmark, be it for educational, professional or family related reasons. Some return home and some Danes move northward, primarily for work or family related reasons. This project arose from personal experiences, of those involved, of living or having lived in different places around the North Atlantic – and having to deal with distant relationships as a natural everyday aspect.

The project is developed by Brynhild Næs Petersen, Simon Løvind and Hanne-Louise Johannesen. Diffus Design have been design consultants. Read more about the Pantopia café at www.cafe-pantopia.net