Climate Dress


Soft circuitry

The embroidery becomes functional conveying electricity and computer information and thereby gives “power to the dress”. The dress senses the CO2 concentration in the air, then accordingly creates diverse light patterns varying from slow, regular light pulsations to short and hectic. The technology that integrates ”soft circuits” into the production of embroidery, is an innovative process. It is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Copenhagen based design studio diffus, Swiss embroidery company Forster-Rohner, the Danish research-based limited company Alexandra Institute and finally the Danish School of Design.

The industrialisation of the production process of soft circuits is a milestone offering new possibilities to work with intelligent textiles. It will also help diffus to achieve one of our goals: To support the interaction between human and
computer technology in a non-screen-based environment – an environment with physical and sensual qualities appealing to our human intuition and adapted to our daily life.

The project is sponsored by Carlsberg’s ”Idé-legat” and Alexandra Institutes research fond.





Tine M. Jensen, Fashion designer
Karin Eggert Hansen, Sewing

Project partners:
Forster Rohner and Alexandra Instituttet

Press kit

Download the Climate dress press kit: Climate_dress_press.zip (106 mb - contains high-res images and press release of the project)