We always welcome new projects, collaborations or questions. Simply stop by our office, send us a mail or give us a call!

Michel Guglielmi

Co-founder and partner
Phone: (+45) 60831920
E-mail: michel@diffus.dk
Skype: michel_guglielmi

Hanne-Louise Johannesen

Co-founder and partner
Phone: (+45) 61267062
E-mail: hanne-louise@diffus.dk
Skype: hanne-louise-jo

Isabel Valdés Marin

Design Researcher & Concept Developer
Phone: (+45) 5247 6887
E-mail: isabel@diffus.dk
Skype: valdesmarinisabel

Molly Price

UK based Associate Partner
Phone: (+44) 7843 567 456
E-mail: molly@diffus.dk
Skype: molly.price1

Prasanth Madavane

Managing director Diffus-India
Phone: (+91) 96552 36409
E-mail: prasanth@diffus.dk
Skype: prash.madavane

Uffe Egekvist

Strategic development
Phone: (+45) 28193381
E-mail: uffe@diffus.dk
Skype: nufling

Romuald Shidlovsky

National sales director for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbeijan
Phone: +7 (903) 720 62 32ard
E-mail: romuald@diffus.dk
Skype: romualdshidlovsky


Diffus Team

E-mail: info@diffus.dk (contact with Design team)
E-mail: blogme@diffus.dk (contact with net and social media team)
Skype: diffusdesign

Diffus ApS

Gasværksvej 10A, st. th
1656 Copenhagen, Denmark
CVR: 34738939
CVR-P nr: 1018076140


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