CyberAngel interpretates the thoughts of people passing by. The interpretation will focus on humanitys desires and longings, and their needs and ways of getting by. As audience you can become an angel, and thereby hear the thoughts of the surrounding people. The angels allows you to listen to other people with passion and sympathy, but will also let their different moods question the intentions, wishes and desires of the other people. As soon as an audience chooses to step on the pedestal and wrap herself into the wings, she will “sublimate” into an angel.

This is experienced by hearing what seem to be the thoughts of nearby people, picked up randomly from a database in the pedestal, and transferred to inbuilt speakers discreetly hidden inside the layering of the wings created with sensual fabrics. Sounds, voices and thoughts get louder when people come closer to you as an angel, and then seem to vanish again when they walk away. When many people are surrounding the angels, you will perceive a chaotic “sound texture” as a result of the overlapping of thoughts competing for our attention. The angels represents an open stage where you as audience have to perform yourself and become part of an epic theatre where big questions of live will mix with the banal of everyday thoughts, and where what seems like a solid and meaningful thought becomes fragile and uncertain.



Helena windberg
Josefine Bentzen
Karin Rapp