The soundscape is depending on the movements of the dancer

Cypherdusa is entangled in a network of cables from which she seem to suck the light power, right into her flesh. The glowing substance visible inside the translucid tubes seems to maintain her alive. A 4x4x4 meter cubic space made out of criss crossing wire meshes separates her from the public which is walking around the performance space. The suddle sound of their footsteps gets enhanced trough sound amplifiers fixed at floor level. This sound recording gets finally mixed with the soundscape. A last, a cathartic moment when the sound gets almost unbearably strident and Cypherdusas movement compulsive is paralysing the spectators. Then follows a moving moment when Cypherdusa seems to vanish and her power to fade. The performance was presented during the “culture night” the12th. october 2007 at the performace space of Copenhagen Univerity.





Costume: Helene Iversen
Soundscape: David Yanagisawa
Interactive sound: Stefania Serafin
Advice for choreography:
Birgitte Bauer-Nilsen
Dancer: Tomomi Yamauchi
Technic: Jan Rasmussen

The performance is sponsored by Carl Stahl, Copenhagen University and "Sound Forum Øresund".