Interactive costumes


The 100 DANCERS project as a platform for the workshop

100 DANCERS is a new platform addressing and facilitating exchange between choreographers, dancers and artists from all over Europe. Events, workshops and networking activities are planned in Spain, Germany and Denmark 2011/2012, 100 DANCERS invites European dancers, choreographers, musicians, designers, architechts and installation artists to participate in a new and compelling European FORUM and NETWORK, with an outreach to the entire globe and 100 DANCERS 2011/2012 is a meeting place and a multidisciplinary platform, integrating artistic research and dialogue with spectacular site specific events. New choreographies and public art events will take place in city- and harbor spaces of Copenhagen, Barcelona and Berlin.

The students had the opportunity too enter this group of professional dancers, choreographers, musicians and artists and thereby work on a real case with the goal of realization during the summer festival. 6 students chose to continue in this project and two of them continued the collaboration throughout the projects and thereby became key persons and collaborators in the final project.