Interactive textiles 2006


Goals for the workshop

To understand the potential of interactive technology
To define a new language for wearable expression
To explore new paradigms of expressing identities trough smart textiles.
To explore possibilities of applications in related fields like space design, scnenography, choregraphy, furniture design.
To explore new computer mediated interaction scenarios
To combine traditional textile practices with computational design
To create sensual, tactil artifacts combined with computer mediated abilities.



1) Invevestigation of three possible technologies
– Luminescent wires, films and strips
– Thermochromic ink
– SPD emulsion (only in theory, not in practice)

2) Exploration of reactive pattern’s typologies

3) Conception of the interactive garments – Hands on !

4) Defining the ‘story’ as well as the rules and nature of the realtime based interaction mediated by the garment
– Input? pollution, hearthbeats, sound level, proximity…
– Output? blinking, fading…
– Rules? When, where, why…

5) Experimenting and playing with the technology

6) Collaboration in artistic fields

List of students:
Lycke von Schantz
Catherine Descure
Maria Foverskov
Stefanie Hentschel
Juliette Rodriguez
Anna Weilhartner
Marion fortat
Yu Bobek
Birgit Sørensen