Michel Guglielmi

Co-founder and partner
Phone: (+45) 60831920
E-mail: michel@diffus.dk
Skype: michel_guglielmi

Educated as an architect, Michel is working with new materials and focuses on how intelligent textiles, wearable technology and tangible interfaces can relate to physical spaces and how interaction between wearer, ‘wearables’ and surroundings works on an overall scale. Michel has skills in concept development, visualization and prototype building. He has been teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of fine art, schools of Architecture and Design for ten years and also been an Assistant professor in Interactive Media Arts, department for Medialogy at the University of Aalborg, Copenhagen.

Hanne Louise Johannesen

Co-founder and partner
Phone: (+45) 61267062
E-mail: hanne-louise@diffus.dk
Skype: hanne-louise-jo

Hanne-Louise being an art historian has a strong focus on the aesthetics and how intelligent textile, tangible interfaces and interactive installations work with contemporary society and how they work in a history of aesthetic. Hanne-Louise has in depth knowledge in ‘soft electronics’ and has good skills in craft and design. Hanne-Louise has previously been an assistant professor in Visual Culture at the Department of Cultural Studies and the Arts at the University of Copenhagen. She now teaches at the IT-University, Denmark in the field of Digital Aesthetics and Creative Digital Practice.

Molly Price

UK based Associate Partner
Phone: (+44) 7843 567 456
E-mail: molly@diffus.dk
Skype: molly.price1

Molly is designer with a background in architecture. Her project experience encompasses architectural practice, installation art, materials, technology and textiles. She experiments at the intersection between these disciplines to produce designs that aim to connect people with their environment in new and surprising ways. Molly has practical skills in 3D design, prototyping, project build and installation. She has previously worked as a project designer at Jason Bruges Studio in London and as a researcher at the Wearable Futures Design Group, University of South Wales, UK.

Isabel Valdés Marín

Design Researcher & Concept Developer
Phone: (+45) 5247 6887
E-mail: isabel@diffus.dk
Skype: valdesmarinisabel

Isabel holds a Master of Design (MDes) from Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands) where she has specialized in contextual design research and concept development. Isabel has worked as a product design consultant for Artquitect in Barcelona, has been teaching design trends and analysis at Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and has worked as a researcher for Premsela (Institute for Design and Fashion) in Amsterdam. Now she is based in Copenhagen where she is developing projects at Diffus along with publishing activities within contemporary art and design.

Prasanth Madavane

Managing Director, Diffus-India
Phone: (+91) 96552 36403
E-mail: prasanth@diffus.dk
Skype: prash.madavane

Prasanth has a great experience working with world business leaders of manufacturing and tech companies in the areas of collaboration,distributorship and sales. His mission within Diffus Team is to formulate effective marketing and corporate strategies adapted to the local business needs and design requirements. His expertise allows Diffus to introduce the next-genation of design products to India and establish meaningful partnerships with the Indian industry and with visionary business leaders.