Intelligent textiles

Eclipse 2013

Eclipse is a solar cell bag that harvests solar energy to supply power for your mobile devices as well as a light inside your bag. With the boom of environmental consciousness, bags with integrated solar cells that charge your mobile phone or laptop will become commonplace. An existing solution is to fix slim, flexible solar modules onto a messenger style bag, but the result is non-integrated in appearance. Diffus De
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UV dress 2012

The UV dress measures the amount of sunlight to which the wearer is exposed – currently and over time – and visualizes the effect by opening or closing the passage that allows sunlight to reach the skin. Inspired by a camera aperture, which controls the area over which light can pass through the camera lens, the UV dress is equipped with a number of apertures that open or close to adjust the light exposur
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100 dancers 2011

How do you transform the notion of a given space in seconds? You introduce 100 dancing bodies! The Interactive Light Costumes for the “100 dancers” is a project initiated and financed by Diffus Design. The artistic aim was to create site specific choreography and big volumes of dancing bodies that in seconds transforms our notion of a given space. The Danish organizer and choreographer Pipaluk Supernova has, in colla
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Climate Dress 2009 (Samsung Award)

The Climate Dress tells us disturbing stories wrapped into a comfortable and reassuring cocoon de luxe. The Climate Dress is made of conductive embroidery, over hundred of tiny LED lights inserted into the embroidey, a CO2 sensor and an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor. The LEDs visualize the level of CO2 in the nearby surroundings and are powered trough the embroidery. For The Climate Dress we used soft conductive thr
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Interactive sample book 2008-2009

ISB – a generation of new ideas! The Interactive Sample Book (ISB) project was started, as a practice based research project, with the aim of exploring and communicating some of the possibilities within interactive textiles. The applications for interactive textiles range from medical applications to architecture, and from the fashion industry to costume design. In relation to the sample book, focus will be on textur
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