100 dancers 2011

How do you transform the notion of a given space in seconds? You introduce 100 dancing bodies!

The Interactive Light Costumes for the “100 dancers” is a project initiated and financed by Diffus Design. The artistic aim was to create site specific choreography and big volumes of dancing bodies that in seconds transforms our notion of a given space. The Danish organizer and choreographer Pipaluk Supernova has, in collaboration with dancers from around the world as well as international installation artists, musicians, engineers, scientists, architects, programmers, over the years experimented with many different ways of bringing the world of dance and site specific experience into the audience.

The interactive light costumes have 2 functionning modes:
Acceleration and rotation. The patterns velocity and brightness will increase depending on those 2 parameters. Also, there is an “idle” mode: When left alone on the scene, the artefatcs would “pulsate ” as if they would breath trough its light pattern.

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