Cafe Pantopia 2009-2011

Treat your friend in Nuuk with a cup of coffee, while you enjoy one in Copenhagen.

Cafe Pantopia is about creating a common meeting place for people living in the north-atlantic areas: Greenland, Island, Faros Island and Denmark. Many people from those nordic islands move or migrate to Denmark. The goal of the project is to help maintaining contacts despite the physical alienation between the communities.

Diffus has been design consultant in the Pantopia project. Our mission was to propose concrete design and architectural solutions for the creation of several cafes placed in the main cities of the North Atlantic countries. Meeting places which have unique abilities to merge together their physical surroundings through tele-presence. We want to make sure that meeting the remote friend and place becomes tangible and intimate experience naturally integrated in the local context and offering convincing social interactions.

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Date: January 04, 2010