Eclipse 2013

Eclipse is a solar cell bag that harvests solar energy to supply power for your mobile devices as well as a light inside your bag.

With the boom of environmental consciousness, bags with integrated solar cells that charge your mobile phone or laptop will become commonplace. An existing solution is to fix slim, flexible solar modules onto a messenger style bag, but the result is non-integrated in appearance. Diffus Design has developed a high-end fashion handbag through a cross-disciplinary development of textile surfaces with solar sequins.

During daytime hours, one hundred mini-solar power stations distributed across the surface of The Eclipse handbag generate enough electricity to charge a mobile device, as well as a powerful lithium ion battery hidden within a small compartment. When opening the bag at night or in dark surroundings, optical fibres that are attached to the inside of the bag are activated. A diffuse glow is created to assist in the search for keys, purses or other objects.

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