ELAC 2016 (Designboom+LG 1st prize)

ELAC (Embroidered Light for Acoustic Ceilings) exploits the advancements of OLED and LED technology in the area of acoustic ceiling tiles. We have surface mounted light and circuitry to avoid light installations effecting the acoustic performance and to ease the technical installation.

The traditional solution for integrating light in acoustic ceiling tiles is to remove acoustic material whenever light is wanted. With this solution the installation process is complex and requires an electrician to establish connections from above the tiles.

With ELAC we apply the circuitry on textile through a soft embroidery process and then mount it onto the tiles. A central tile is the ‘brain’ for 8 surrounding tiles, and a multiplication of ‘islands’ of 9 tiles can be done for the light surface to become larger. The brain tile allows wireless interaction with built-in sensors to monitor surroundings and adapt behavior accordingly.

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Date: December 14, 2016