Suzhou Art&Design Technology Institute 2016

Exploring the creative potentials of conductive inks for the creation of an interactive event.

Conductive ink is just like any other ink, except that it’s electrically conductive. This means that its possible to print, roll, brush, spray, draw or paint electrical wires onto surfaces like furniture, clothes, furniture, walls, tableware… almost anything you can think of.
Those properties opens up a wide range of possibilities for creating design objects, installations and performances based on traditional craft but which get “electrically and digitally boosted” to offer a range of interactive properties never seen and experienced before.
Together with 15 students from the Suzhou art faculty, Diffus proposed to explore the properties of the ‘electronic inks’ and root them into the sophisticated craft traditions for which the region of Suzhou is famous.

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Date: March 07, 2017