UV dress 2012

The UV dress measures the amount of sunlight to which the wearer is exposed – currently and over time – and visualizes the effect by opening or closing the passage that allows sunlight to reach the skin.

Inspired by a camera aperture, which controls the area over which light can pass through the camera lens, the UV dress is equipped with a number of apertures that open or close to adjust the light exposure to the skin. When the light level is high, the apertures close completely to prevent light from reaching the skin. When the level is low, the apertures open and enable light to reach the skin. In this way, the dress communicates poetically with its wearer and informs her how to respond to the amount of light exposure.

The dress is an artistic statement about the influence of UV light on the human skin. The dress was created together with Alexandra Institute and in collaboration with fashion designer Mette Lindberg. Assistant: Martina Uhling.

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