SpacEmotion 2014 (Red Dot Award)

SpacEmotion is a modular system of textile discs that have been embroidered with conductive yarn to generate sensory outputs including light, sound and scent across a custom made surface.

SpacEmotion is a modular system that can be used as a window curtain, a room divider, a sound installation and a light source. Sensory discs can be added, removed or re-configured to change the layout of a Wall-E array. The modular system provides opportunities for patterns and sensory functions to be added as new applications emerge and technologies such as OLED and printed responsive surfaces are developed.

Modern appliances are increasingly collected as design objects within the home, accepted and celebrated as a necessary evil for modern life. SpacEmotion creates an easily transformable and configurable system of appliances able to contain different functionalities within a networked array of soft, repetitive disks acting as smart power and information hubs.

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Date: March 12, 2013