4th International Conference on Design and Emotion ,
12th - 14th July, 2004, Ankara, Turkey
see: http://www.de2004.metu.edu



Titel of the Paper:
Performing Space - Performing Body



Project participants: DIFFUS, Visual Culture Studies - Copenhagen University, the Danish School of Design
Project date and duration: 10-28 november 2003

Key conference themes: Play Element in Design


Performing Space - Performing Body
Authors: Hanne-Louise Johannesen, Michel Gugliemi

Affiliation: DIFFUS, Visual Culture Studies - Copenhagen University, the Danish School of Design

Evolving Ceiling patterns
related to the physiological activity

Project: Performing Space is the result of collaboration between the Danish School of Design and Visual Culture Studies, Copenhagen University, hosted by the organisation DIFFUS, whose goal is to merge theory with practice in an area of design, aesthetic and technology.

Imagine a meeting room - too big, empty and uncomfortable when only occupied by few individuals. This room might feel smaller and more relaxing with more people in it. Performing Space is investigating the emotional relation between body, mind and space, by adjusting the space in order to match the number and behaviour of the inhabitants. The space becomes an extension of emotion.

The aim is to create comfort in a psychological space - dynamic and flexible - a space that could change into several spaces according to numbers and activities. This room would be a multifunctional context related room based on the everyday performing body .


Themes: Performing Space is focusing on the interplay between the performing body and the environment - between ambient potential media and active media. The approach is playful and uses flow experience to express and explore the symbiotic or seamless relation between consciousness and behaviour.

At the same time this project is made with the awareness of potential control. When you are performing space you are unprotected in a one to one relationship with the media and not able to withdraw to a safer position of the voyeur. The critical aspects of the project are pointing out the line between playful immersion and control.