International Conference Virtual Concept 2005
Ecole superieure des technologies industrielles avancées (ESTIA)
Biarritz, France
November 8th - November 10th 2005.



Titel of the Paper:
Digital architecture, wearable computers and providing affinity



Digital architecture, wearable computers and providing affinity
Authors: Hanne-Louise Johannesen, Michel Gugliemi

This paper aims at the tendency to create space that fosters and supports communication, emotion and experience. Traditionally, architecture has been a static, physical solution of course with vivid concepts, but with new technology you could propose supple solutions that recognize architecture as the setting for the events of experience.

Contemporary architecture is a meta-space residing almost any thinkable field, striving to blur boundaries between art, architecture, design and urbanity and break down the distinction between the material and the user or inhabitant.

The presentation for this paper will, through research, a workshop and participation in a cumulus competition, focus on the exploration of boundaries between digital architecture, performative space and wearable computers.

Our design method in general focuses on the interplay between the performing body and the environment – between ambient potential media and active media.

Our approach is playful and we use flow experience to express and explore the symbiotic or seamless relation between consciousness and behaviour.

To develop a genuine relation between consciousness and behaviour our main concern is to provide affinity between architecture and inhabitant, and in that way aim deeper than just playfulness.