Performing Places: Media and embodiment in the urban environment seminar
Helsinki University of Technology and M-Cult.
Helsinki, Finland
November 7th - November 9th 2006.

Titel of the Paper:
Collaborative Communicative Creative Clothing

Collaborative Communicative Creative Clothing(CCCC)
– urban thought and perfomative play

Authors: Hanne-Louise Johannesen, Michel Gugliemi
Keywords: Social interaction, interactive textiles, performative space

Abstract: This paper intends to present CC (Costume Choreography) the most recent project developed by DIFFUS DESIGN within the framework of CCCC (Collaborative Communicative Creative Clothing). At DIFFUS, we have been working with the combination of digital media and body, architecture, design objects and landscape. With CCcc the idea is to investigate the relationship between one of our oldest technologies; textiles and one of the newest; sensor technology.

Computer technology can be integrated so seamlessly into textile that it is possible to make them interactive to an extend that they can change character. This means that textile patterns can change shape and colour according to modifications in the surrounding environment. We work with wireless communication devices to retrieve data from the surrounding environment as well as from the audience. Those data will trough change of colour and texture create a visual impact on the costume.

With CC, and trough this paper, we try to investigate and understand what consequences, possibilities and limitations new technology based on interactive textiles have for the scenic expression. We use the scenic environment because it is an easier controllable space, but it is thought as a study before trying to implement it in urban space where everyday clothes and architectural or sculptural forms will be bases of information.