Working paper for the 8th Nordcode workshop and seminar
Istanbul, AMBER-09 Conference



Titel of the Paper:
Digital Choreographies
- designing reactive spaces and artefacts.

Authors: Michel Guglielmi and Hanne-Louise Johannessen.


At Diffus, an office working with interaction, space and design, we explore the relationship between body, space and movement in terms of a computer mediated event. In our projects, body space and movement are continuously adapting to each other trough carefully designed scenarios. Space becomes like an organism: It adapts to an ever changing context and flow of informations.
To achieve this task, we often work with sensors which help us to gather datas from the environment. Then we process those informations and finally, we actualise subtle changes within the physical space. Our main concern is always to propose poetical experiences which engage our senses in an active way. Therefore we have developed different strategies and a kind of tool box of materials which have the abilities to appeal to our senses  but at the same time can be modified “on the fly” and controlled trough computing technology. Intelligent textiles with dynamic light patterns embedded in the garment is one of the possibilities explored in 2008 at the Amber workshop in Istanbul. The participants of the workshop created costumes for 2 dancers which, trough changes in patterns could express the physical relationship between the performers. Diffus has recently expanded its field of experimentation by including innovative and surprising materials like “digital concrete”: Concrete slabs in which optical fibres are molded into an 8 millimeter ‘pixel-arranged’ grid . Such material gives us the possibility to create dynamic spaces in which seemingly opposite disciplines like traditional craft and computer technology “join forces” in
order to achieve an engaging experience.
This paper will present the theoretical frameworks and thoughts underlying the work made by Diffus.  It will also present some of the most recent projects to illustrate the corps idea behind our activities.