Salone Internationale del mobile 2007
Light as an architectural matter

International Convention of University Courses in Design
Faculty of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan.
April 2007, Milano, Italy


Titel of the Paper:
Interactive light patterns embedded into textiles:– Potentials for applications into architectural settings  and perfomative spaces.

Authors: Hanne-Louise Johannesen, Michel Gugliemi.


This paper intends to present "Costume Choreography" by DIFFUS DESIGN. At DIFFUS, we have been working with the combination of digital media and body, architecture, design objects and landscape. With CC the idea is to investigate the relationship between light patterns made out of Electroluminescent wires or films embedded into textiles, sensors and communication technology.
Textiles in which EL patterns are embedded can change shape and colour according to modifications in the surrounding environment. We work with wireless communication devices to retrieve data from the surrounding environment as well as from the audience. Those data will trough change of colour and texture create a visual impact on the costume.
More generally, our goal is to investigate new form of "embodied interfaces" and understand what possibilities technology based on interactive textiles combined with dynamic Electroluminescent patterns have  for the scenic expression, the urban space, everyday clothes, artifacts and architectural or sculptural forms.
Our hypotheses is that communication technology combined with embodied interactions  have the ability to reinforce and supplement existing social and behavioural structures that allows a deeper resonances between the “immaterial” and the “material”. We will argue that they have the ability to stimulate the emergence of new social relationships in which the design of embodied interfaces could perform in supporting new social forms of communication.

Keywords: electroluminescent wires, electroluminescent films, Social interaction, interactive textiles, performative space, tangible medias.