New york, USA
January 5th - January 8th 2005.



Titel of the Paper:
Thermochromic Ink applied to wearables.


Michel Guglielmi
Denmark School of Design , Denmark

Hanne-Louise Johannesen
University of Copenhagen, department of Visual Culture, Denmark


This paper intends to present and reflect upon an applied design research project which is the result of a collaboration between Visual Culture (humanities), University of Copenhagen, the Danish Academy of Design in Copenhagen and Media lab, University of Aalborg.
In this project, thermochromic black ink is applied on 2 pieces of garment.

At a given temperature, the black ink gets transparent and the underlying pattern will appear.
The regulation of temperature is realised trough embedded warming pads controlled electronically trough the  mapping of datas gathered remotely by sensors.

By that means, we are able to connect two outfit together by giving them the possibility to inform each other and react accordingly by changing their visual appearance.
The nature of the informations could be biometric properties like hearth beats, distance of separation, coordinates etc...
What we achieve is what we could call "collaborative / communication clothing" where fashions gets a new sophisticated platform of expression.

The paper will elaborate on the goal and consequences of such new potential for the individual expression.


Physical Computing, wearables, Human-Human Interaction (HHI), Design Education, Sensor Technology