Consciousness Reframed 2004:
6th international research conference.

24 - 27 November 2004, Bejiing China.

Department of Digital Art and Design, School of Software, Peking University
The Institute of Digital Media, Beijing Normal University.


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See picture of the exhibition at the red gate gallery in Beijiing here


Note concerning the conference:

Consciousness Reframed, the annual conference sponsored by the Planetary Collegium—the new media and interactive arts program located at the University of Plymouth (UK) and led by pioneer Roy Ascott—is concerned with the “advanced inquiry in the transdisciplinary space between the arts, technology, and the sciences, with consciousness research an integral component of its work” (Ascott, 2004a). Held this year in Beijing, China, the conference featured formal presentations, demonstrations, exhibitions, and performances from over 100 theorists and artists working in such areas as robotics, computer games, interactive art, holography, digital music, web interfaces, human–computer interaction, neuroscience and cognitive studies, biophotonics, and electronic literature, to name just a few of the topicscovered.