Book release

New book revealing the design process of spacEmotion

Textiles, innovations et matières actives is the latest book by Florence Bost and Guillermo Crosetto. The book focuses on pioneering design projects involving ‘active textiles’. It reveals some of the main challenges occurring when designing within uncharted territories as it is often the case when working with technologic textiles. Diffus is very flattered to be featured in this enlightening book and is
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Garments of Paradise

Diffus Design is part of this beautiful book by Susan E. Ryan published by the MIT Press and we are very honored to be on the frontage. The book is a significant contribution to the history, thoughts and theories on wearable technology. Christiane Paul, adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art is acclaiming Ryans latest book: “Garments of Paradise gives an impressive overview of w
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New book by Leah Buechley, the creator of the “LILYPAD”, showcases The Climate Dress

The Climate Dress is featured in the newly published book “Textile Messages: Dispatches From the World of E-Textiles and Education”, Published by Peter Lang Publishing. The Climate Dress is mentioned as ”a statement that, though an aesthetic representation of enviromental data, contributes to the ongoing debate about enviromental issues. (…) The dress does not rely on wiring, soldering, or crimping which
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New major publishing showcasing the work by Diffus

A book on wearable technologies showcasing among others the work by Diffus is expected to be published by MIT Press in Spring 2014. This will follow other prestigious release by international publication houses like Phaidon and Thames & Hudson. Stay tuned…
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