Climate Dress

Hyperdressing: Wearable Technology in the Time of Global Warming

Presented at ISEA 2015 in Vancouver by prof. Susan Elizabeth Ryan from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana: A lecture mentioning our work. “Some designers of ironic technological clothes focus on the external relationships between wearers and their environment (…). Diffus Design’s Climate Dress (…), uses conductive thread embroidery, LilyPad Arduino, sensor, and LEDs. It illuminates in
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Diffus featured at the Chicago Museum of Science

Chicago, november 13th. the Museum of Science and Industry invites to Fashion Forward, a fund raising evening celebrating innovation and the future of design. Blending science and fashion, the event will feature a one-night-only installation of cutting-edge wearable technology curated from around the world. One of these wearable pieces is our Climare Dress All proceeds benefit the MSI Annual Fund supporting the Museu
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Garments of Paradise

Diffus Design is part of this beautiful book by Susan E. Ryan published by the MIT Press and we are very honored to be on the frontage. The book is a significant contribution to the history, thoughts and theories on wearable technology. Christiane Paul, adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art is acclaiming Ryans latest book: “Garments of Paradise gives an impressive overview of w
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New book by Leah Buechley, the creator of the “LILYPAD”, showcases The Climate Dress

The Climate Dress is featured in the newly published book “Textile Messages: Dispatches From the World of E-Textiles and Education”, Published by Peter Lang Publishing. The Climate Dress is mentioned as ”a statement that, though an aesthetic representation of enviromental data, contributes to the ongoing debate about enviromental issues. (…) The dress does not rely on wiring, soldering, or crimping which
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RaumPROBE is blogging about the Climate Dress

The Climate Dress is included in a material blog run by one of the largest material databanks in Europe: RaumPROBE – a true paradise for architects, interior decorators, planners, and interior designers: It is a competent contact partner in all matters regarding material. This is not only available online and searchable using common search criteria, but also on-site. raumPROBE makes the fascination of material
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CNN: Bionic Fashion and Diffus

CNN Blueprint have highlighted two of our projects on their online version. The two projects are The Climate Dress and the UV-dress and they put them in a future scenario of bionic fashion trends where a day in the life of a wearable technology user is imagined in the year 2015. CNN Blueprint is a new series exploring the very latest design and technology trends. Online, they are showcasing cutting edge inventions an
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