Finalising the CREATIF EU-project

May 19th marked the ending of our 3 year EU-research project CREATIF. The project managed to build a printer that is able to print smart inks on fabric. The printer and a special designed design tools developed through CREATIF have enabled us to design with interactive surfaces in a completely new way. With the CREATIF tools we have support in the whole process from early ideas to the final print and from interaction
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New video presenting Light.Touch.Matters

A new video is made that introduces the EU-funded project Light.Touch.Matters, in which designers and material researchers have joined forces to develop a completely new generation of smart materials that can sense touch and respond with luminescence. The base technologies are novel piezo plastics and flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Being thin, flexible and formable, these ‘light touch materials’ prom
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LTM-workshop in Milano

Our EU-project Light.Touch.Matters continues to develop in new and exiting ways. Last week we participated in another successful workshop held at Material Connexion in Milano. Material Connexion was a perfect frame around Workshop 04, which achieved its main objectives, to present and discuss 20 product design concepts made by the design SME’s. These proposals and discussions are feeding the materials research stream
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Diffus did it again! New smart textile project funded by EU

October 1st our second exciting EU-project – CREATIF – is kicked off where Diffus will be one of three creative partners together with Base Structures (UK) and Zaha Hadid Architects (UK). Technical and research based partners are Grafixoft (BG), Institut für Textiltechnik Aachen (DE), University of Southampton (UK) and Ardeje (FR).   The CREATIF project is based in the area of smart textiles and aims
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Wonderful Light.Touch.Matters video

In june 2013 the members of the Light.Touch.Matters consortium got together in lovely London for a second workshop. The workshop represented the beginning of the so-called first iteration that will bring to the definition of meaningful scenarios connected to new materials properties and experiences. It saw the start of designer-researcher dialogue, exchange of projects progress, handing out material samples, first sk
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Light.Touch.Matters. in London

From June 4-6 Diffus Design will attend the second meeting with the consortium of Light.Touch.Matters, a project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme. The Light.Touch.Matters project is a design driven development of touch-sensitive luminous flexible surfaces for applications in care & well-being. The project represents an articulated process towards the generation of a new set of ideas, that involves sever
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