Article in Textiles Quarterly Magazine

Molly Price, our GB-based associate partner, have written an article on our work in relation to the worldwide development in smart materials and the article is now published in the printed and online magazine Textiles. Textiles was purchased and first published by The Textile Institute in 1990 with the aim of educating individuals interested in textiles, including clothing and footwear. Since then it has been reposit
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Eclipse Solar Bag on Hardwired 2.0

Our Solar Bag is featured on the newest episode of Hardwired 2.0 an influential online channel that is part of AOL (America Online). The host of the show iJustine (A.K.A Justine Ezarik) is a one-woman new media phenomenon: Techie, Gamer, Vlogger, and Digital Influencer. She is one of the top personalities on YouTube amassing over 3 million subscribers across her channels, more than 1.5 million Twitter followers and h
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New book by Leah Buechley, the creator of the “LILYPAD”, showcases The Climate Dress

The Climate Dress is featured in the newly published book “Textile Messages: Dispatches From the World of E-Textiles and Education”, Published by Peter Lang Publishing. The Climate Dress is mentioned as ”a statement that, though an aesthetic representation of enviromental data, contributes to the ongoing debate about enviromental issues. (…) The dress does not rely on wiring, soldering, or crimping which
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RaumPROBE is blogging about the Climate Dress

The Climate Dress is included in a material blog run by one of the largest material databanks in Europe: RaumPROBE – a true paradise for architects, interior decorators, planners, and interior designers: It is a competent contact partner in all matters regarding material. This is not only available online and searchable using common search criteria, but also on-site. raumPROBE makes the fascination of material
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CNN: Bionic Fashion and Diffus

CNN Blueprint have highlighted two of our projects on their online version. The two projects are The Climate Dress and the UV-dress and they put them in a future scenario of bionic fashion trends where a day in the life of a wearable technology user is imagined in the year 2015. CNN Blueprint is a new series exploring the very latest design and technology trends. Online, they are showcasing cutting edge inventions an
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To rethink the apparatus !

In July the national Danish Newspaper Politiken brought an article on SpaceEmotion (Previously called “Wall-E(motion)”).The article was a part of a special focus on intelligent textiles and Wall-E was highlighted as a way to rethink the apparatus and integrate electronic devises in an aesthetic and multi-functional interior design. Below is the article in Danish:   At gentænke apparatet Politiken Søn
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An interview for Société Perrier

Courtney Lochner from Société Perrier comments and asks the following question:  ‘The world is getting exponentially smarter. Your phone alone can tell you how to walk from your house to anywhere on the planet, what the weather will be like for the journey, and even what to wear. Cars, computers, robots, they’re all getting smarter. But what about fashion — can it get smarter?’  An answer to that qu
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New major publishing showcasing the work by Diffus

A book on wearable technologies showcasing among others the work by Diffus is expected to be published by MIT Press in Spring 2014. This will follow other prestigious release by international publication houses like Phaidon and Thames & Hudson. Stay tuned…
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